A Dream Fulfilled

ellenFor the longest time, I’ve had the dream of attending a taping of Ellen and now I am thrilled to say that dream is coming true.  On November 19, I will be in the studio audience along with my mom and my two sisters, Joann and Mimi.

I don’t know if we’ll get to meet Ellen or talk to her, but there are some things I would love to be able to tell her in person.

First, I want her to know how many races she trained for along with me – I on the treadmill and she on TV.   Ironman Louisville, Ironman Kona, Ironman 70.3 World Championship, and six major marathons.  Her humor kept me entertained through a lot of training!

Second, I want her to know what it means for me to be attending her show with my mom and sisters.   As some of you know, following my stage 4 diagnosis my sisters got tested right away.  Joann was found to have stage 3 colon cancer and Mimi had precancerous cells.  This was rough news for my mom to get all in within a two-week period, so it is especially wonderful for us to have the opportunity to see Ellen all together.

Third, Ellen has a huge and devoted following.  It would be great if she could help spread the message of how easy it is to prevent colon cancer.  A relatively simple screening can prevent much unnecessary suffering.

Be sure to tune in to Ellen on November 20.  You never know – you just might see me dancing.  (That would be scary.  Think: Elaine on Seinfeld!)

  • Raelina

    That’s so great!