12 Days of Christmas: Advent Conspiracy

Advent Conspiracy

“Christmas can still change the world?” This is the question asked by the Advent Conspiracy. My church, Windsor Crossing Church in Chesterfield is part of this intriguing concept of worship, saving money, giving more and loving all. You can read more about the Advent Conspiracy, here.

Similar to my post about the Grinch, we often get caught up in the stress of the holidays, and forget that it has a bigger meaning and we can give more of ourselves to those we care about and spend a bit less on material things.

12 Days of Christmas: Christmas Tree

Christmas tree

Decorating the Christmas tree is one of the most special moments during the holiday season. Many families have traditions when it comes to decorating the tree, and many memories are made year after year. This holiday season, reflect on what is special about your Christmas tree. Are there ornaments passed down or in celebration of milestones? Do you have any special traditions for decorating your tree? If so, share!

12 Days of Christmas: Wonderful

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Andy Williams said it best in the song, “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.” While there is always the hustle and bustle during the holiday season, it is also a time to reflect on the past year and spend your time with those who matter most to you – family and friends. During the holidays, think about all of the wonderful times you had within the past year and don’t forget to embrace the present!

12 Days of Christmas: Peace

Peace on Earth, Goodwill

There has been much turmoil and unrest in my city and around the world – you see it in the headlines each day on the news. Now more than ever, I hope that we all can take time to pause and find peace.

I think we can all use more peace and goodwill. Are there ways you are making peace in your home, work or community? If so, please share!

12 Days of Christmas: Giving

Christmas Giving

There are many ways to give back this time of year, whether you volunteer your time, donate money or items, or organize events to support a charity. Heading into this new year, I’m planning to do more races and events that are tied to causes I’m passionate about. Let’s focus on the spirit of the season! I think giving and showing gratitude go together nicely.