A Day of Inspiration from a Woman who Inspires Daily

Teri Griege has many titles and wears many hats: Ironman, Cancer Thriver, Author, Speaker and Founder of Powered by Hope.


Her mission in life is to inspire others and spread the message of hope, strength and courage for cancer patients – those who are battling and living with a life-threatening disease – and those who are the caregivers who need support too.

Teri recently spent the day in Kansas City, Missouri for an event entitled “A Day of Inspiration” where she spoke to and shared her time with 100s of women of all ages and unique points of views. That day made a lasting impression on every woman – the message she shared will not soon be forgotten and had a profound impact on their lives.

The day started off with an intimate breakfast – sharing her story about hope, strength and perseverance.

She tells her story from the heart, a battle that she has fought and continues to fight daily. It all started at the age of 48, when she received the news that she had stage 4 colon cancer. While for many, this would have been game over. Not for Teri, she took this news and used it as motivation to push even harder to accomplish her dreams of training and competing in the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. She finished that race with tears in her eyes and an overwhelming sense of accomplishment that only few can even imagine. It is one thing to participate in a race (not to mention an Ironman) while you are in the best shape of your life; it’s a whole other scenario when you diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. To this day, Teri continues to race – health, fitness and well-being (physical, mental and emotional stability) is what keeps Teri’s going; living in the moment has never been a truer statement. To share this feeling of hope that Teri has, she presents Powered by Hope coins and medals to others who are battling and living with cancer.

At the June 4th breakfast, one special lady in the audience was surprised to receive the HOPE medal presented by Teri. Something magical always happens when someone receives a Powered by Hope medal around their neck and there is not a dry eye in the room. This medal presents Hope and a coin is passed around to all of those who are present to wish the recipient well and for the recipient to keep this token with them wherever they go.

In the afternoon, Teri shared the stage through a panel discussion and luncheon with other cancer survivors.

In her words, she always feels so honored and privileged to be part of an amazing group of “Cancer Thrivers”, as she calls them, sharing their stories – moments of surprise, sadness, coping and hope. No two stories are alike and yet there is solace in knowing that no one is in this battle alone. Teri knows that there is no magical answer as how to overcome and continue, however, “We all have dealt with adversity, we all have a story. And because I let my walls down and share my story and open myself up – others will share their story too – that’s really what is going on. And through this, we all begin to heal.”

Teri ended the day in Kansas City with a group 6K run.

IMG_6450Teri uses fitness as a way to release all of the stress and anxiety she deals with daily, fortunately, she loves fitness and this is what she knows – she is built for this. Her body and health continue to thrive and fight through her illness and because she treats her body so well this helps to overcome battling the storms of disease that are stirring up within.

IMG_6449Teri never leaves a speaking engagement or event without making new friends. There is a mutual admiration built for those that she surrounds herself with. Suzanne Parker was one of those people that met Teri that day in Kansas City and because of that day; both of their lives will never be the same.

“I met Teri and was instantly drawn to her energy and warmth.  I felt like I was sitting in my living room with a bunch of friends and she was telling her story.  I am not a cancer survivor and I felt her message transcended all “cancers” of daily struggles and life.  I was impacted by her “mile 9” story and the guy in her grocery store.  I have had my own mile 9 journey and I felt she was talking directly to me and telling me how to keep on going….the power of hope.  I was moved emotionally when I watched the video of her crossing the finish line at Kona and I knew then I wanted to meet this woman and be a part of spreading her message.  She gives hope and courage to those who have the privilege of hearing her story.  I am honored to be a part of her team!” Suzanne Parker, Director of Business Development, Sparker Sales Agency

– Suzanne Parker is now an extension of Powered by Hope; helping Teri more speaking engagements and opportunities to share her message of Hope in the Kansas City area.

Teri’s message is one of HOPE – in her definition, HOPE stands for How Ordinary People Endure. In reality, it is extraordinary people like Teri who provide inspiration, strength and courage for all of us to get up in the morning, put one foot in front of the other and continue to move forward while overcoming and enduring every challenge we face. It’s about living in the moment, appreciating the little things and MOST IMPORTANTLY always having hope.