Tokyo Marathon

This week my husband and I are heading to Tokyo for the city’s World Marathon Major. This is the first year the city will host the marathon as part of the (now) six World Marathon Majors, so it is an accomplishment, I’m especially excited about.

Tokyo Marathon

I’m a bit nervous about the long trip, but I’m eager to have the chance to do this race with my husband in a place neither of us have ever been before. It is special to have him do this race with me, and we were fortunate enough to race together in the London Marathon last year.

Thanks for all your support as I trained for this latest marathon. I’ll be sure to share a recap of the race, once I return!

As many of you know, March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, and one of the big ways you can show your support is by joining Dress in Blue Day on Friday, March 7. I’m also inviting each of you to join me for the Undy 5000 race on Saturday, March 29 to support the Colon Cancer Alliance. Visit my team’s page, Powered by Hope.

Check back for the latest details on what I have coming up next month!