GO! St. Louis Marathon

Congrats to everyone who completed the GO! St. Louis Marathon last weekend! It was a beautiful day and exciting to see so many people participate in the various racing events. The president of GO! St. Louis shared that there were around 7,500 half marathoners, 1,800 marathoners and more than 640 relay teams. That is a huge turnout! Plus there were 2,800 volunteers who helped make the race go smoothly and be a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Dave and I did the race together, which is always meaningful. As we usually do when running marathons together, when we crossed the finish line we held hands.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the day:

Go! St. Louis Medals 2014 Go! St. Louis Race

Go! St. Louis Group

If you’re interested in learning more about upcoming GO! St. Louis races, check out their site: gostlouis.org.

My next race is the St. Anthony Triathlon on April 27 in St. Petersburg, FL. Be sure to check back for updates from the race – it should be a great event!