Where will you be running?

Running…or walking in October? Have you chosen your race for Teri’s Challenge yet? I have!

I will be running the Great GO! St. Louis Halloween Race on 10.13.13 at Soldier’s Memorial. I would love to have you join me! In addition to the 5K, this event features a 10K and half marathon. Find the details here.

My friends at eLumina Communications will be taking Teri’s Challenge at Run for Presley 5K Run/Walk on 10.12.13 at Douglas County Fairgrounds in Castle Rock, Colorado.

It is easy to find an event in your area. Go to Running in the USA — the largest online directory of races, results and clubs. Or simply search “5Ks in (your city/state).”

Don’t forget to laugh!
If you are new to running – or fitness of any kind – it can be difficult to get started and stay motivated. As my friend and Teri’s Challenge partner, Sara Poor, writes, it helps to have a sense of humor. Recently, she shared this story:

Sometimes I take my 10-year-old daughter to the gym with me because her brothers are farming with dad. It is hard to get any work done with three kids tagging along, and 4 people definitely do not fit into a tractor!

There is a room at the gym for kids. My daughter will play in that room, read a book, use my laptop, watch me workout, or even do some of the exercises with me (like running up and down the stairs).

On Monday, I was on the floor doing ab work. I was attempting to do “the bicycle”. I am not able to do this well (yet). My big belly gets in the way. I am not able to lift my head and shoulders off of the floor very much, and I am simply not that flexible or coordinated (yet).

My daughter began to giggle. She said that I looked like a turtle who was stuck on it’s back, trying to turn itself back over. We all laughed about that one! I imagine that is EXACTLY what I looked like! A few minutes later, I did this exercise again, but Laura (trainer) called it “the turtle.”

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself while you are working hard, or you will struggle to keep it up!!


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