Teri’s Challenge – Get Your Rear in Gear! Part 1

Courage is resistance to fear and mastery of fear, not absence of fear. – Mark Twain

There is nothing more empowering than setting a challenging goal, working at it, and then accomplishing it! If you have struggled with health and fitness in the past, but have a desire to take charge of your health, then I am offering you that very experience.

Teri’s Challenge is an invitation for you to join others like you and commit to running or walking a 5K in your area in October.

Whether your fitness level is pretty good, or you struggle to get off the couch, commit to running your first 5K, and I guarantee the experience will be life changing.

Exercise has many benefits, including keeping your brain in shape! Click here for more benefits of exercise from health.usnews.com.

Did you know that exercise has many positive benefits for those battling cancer? While get plenty of rest used to be the standard advice, now experts are recommending physical activity along with treatment. Check out this article from American Cancer Society on how regular exercise can help you during cancer treatment, including lessening nausea: Click here to view the article.

Getting started is tough – maybe the hardest part. The simple truth is, however, if you don’t start, you’ll never get there. And, I’m here to offer you lots of support and information to help and encourage you along the way.

Begin with small goals. Start by walking, gradually increasing time and distance.

Resources to help you get started:

Check out training programs and apps such as:

If you have any resources that have helped you get started, share them in the comments below.

Before long, you may be surprised to find that training is actually enjoyable. You may even start to look forward to it – and miss it when you haven’t done it!

So what are you waiting for? Take Teri’s Challenge! Here’s how…

1. Commit to running a 5k (or more) in October, in your local area.
2. Find an accountability partner — someone who is as committed to being the best they can be — and ask him or her to join you in accepting Teri’s Challenge!
3. Congratulate yourself for committing to living a healthy life! We can’t wait to celebrate with you in October!

How to Join Teri’s Challenge

Are you ready to take the challenge? Leave a comment below if you have any questions!
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