The Elephant in the Room – Let’s talk about Colorectal Cancer

elephant-in-room-colorectal-cancerI’m always looking for avenues to create awareness for colorectal cancer and the importance of screening and early detection. I recently had the pleasure of being featured as Exact Sciences Hero of the Month (May). Exact Sciences is a molecular diagnostics company focused on colorectal cancer. As part of the interview, I was asked why, in my opinion, it is important for people to be educated about the disease and the prevention methods. My answer was simple:

“No one wants to talk about colorectal cancer. Really it is a humbling cancer. Who wants to discuss such personal matters? I try to do so with humor. We must educate the general population that with screening, this cancer can be prevented. It is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer and second leading cause of cancer death for men and women combined. On average, 1 in 20 will develop colon cancer. Early detection and education is the key to fighting this disease.”

Colorectal cancer has been referred to as “the elephant in the room.” Many lives have been lost to secrecy and shame. So, now I say, let’s welcome the elephant! I got over my embarrassment and discomfort with this topic long ago. I will continue to do whatever I can to help others do the same. Knowledge is power, and the more we can share our own experiences, the easier it will be for everyone. Don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor, ask questions, and get information. You can be an advocate for yourself and your loved ones. Together, we can save lives!

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When was your last screening?
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